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Most cases do not require surgery or other treatments, except if the hemorrhoids are very large and painful.

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The purpose of the non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments, also called fixative procedures, is to reduce the blood supply to the hemorrhoid so it shrinks or goes away. The scar that forms in that site supports the anal tissue and helps prevent the reoccurrence of hemorrhoids.

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Fixative procedures include rubber band ligation hemorrhoid ligature using rubber rings or the use of electricity, laser or heat to scar the tissue coagulation therapy. Surgery hemorrhoidectomy may be used in the case of large internal hemorrhoids associated to the presence of a few small hemorrhoids or in case the bleeding varicose tool not be controlled through treatment.

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Sometimes a combination of these procedures e. External Haemorrhoids: External haemorrhoids are not generally treated by haemorrhoidectomy, except for the case of very large haemorrhoids or if you underwent an surgical intervention in the anal area for other conditions such as internal haemorrhoids or anal fissures.

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General anaesthesia or raquianaesthesia is used to avoid pain. The incisions are performed in the tissue surrounding the haemorrhoids. The protruding haemorrhoid vein is ligated to prevent bleeding, and the haemorrhoid is excised.

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The surgical plague may be sutured or left open. Sterile dressing is applied onto the wound.

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The surgical intervention may be performed with a knife, a power tool electrocautery tool or using laser devices. There is a procedure using circular stapling to excise the haemorrhoids and suture the wound, without any incision.

Through this procedure, the haemorrhoid is lifted and stapled back into the anal canal. This procedure is referred varicose tool as haemorrhoidopexy. People opting for this method may experience less pain than those opting for the traditional intervention, but it is, however, more costly and involves a higher relapse risk.

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