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For many years, cancers were categorised according to the organ in the human body where they originated, and were known as lung, breast, abdominal or skin cancer etc. We now recognise that cancer develops as a result of individual genetic modifications.

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This increases the chances of being cured, and at the same time reduces the general side-effects. Professor Krainer is in close contact with leading pathologists as well as with FoundationOne® in terms of the practical application of precision medicine.

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Currently existing or newly extracted tumour samples are sent for analysis. This test identifies the coding sequences of cancer-related genes and introns from 28 genes.

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Based on the technical report, Professor Krainer allows ample time to expertly explain the results of the sequencing to the patient, as well as to make concrete suggestions regarding therapy. This fact facilitates early diagnosis — even possibly before the disease manifests itself.

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As a specialist in human genetics, Professor Krainer provides details about current de la de la vindecarea cu precizie cu precizie in this rapidly changing field and offers the most up-to-date methods for molecular diagnostics.

In particular, he advises cancer patients as well as their relatives as to the possible existence of genetic causes that could subsequently be inherited by descendants. The practice provides tailored screening programmes that can significantly reduce the risk for affected parties, as well as comprehensive information about the latest and the best molecular diagnostic procedures. The laboratory conducts genetic diagnostics to determine a predisposition or a carrier status for hereditary mammary carcinoma breast cancer and colonic carcinoma colon cancer and supplements this with comprehensive advice: Human-genetic consultation for cancer patients and their families with regard to genetic predisposition to cancers Molecular-genetic examinations MLH1, MSH2 for patients with colon cancer and uterine cancer Molecular-genetic examinations BRCA1, BRCA2 for patients with ovarian cancer and breast cancer Creation of tailored screening programmes that take overall account of genetic risk and cancer risk Molecular-genetic examinations of tumours with relevance for diagnosis and therapy Psychological consultation for cancer patients and patients with a high risk of cancer Dietary advice for cancer patients.

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